Coffee and A Good Book

I have been enjoying my English class. I am not a big reader, but I love being able to pick a book of my choice. I have chosen to read “Tuesdays With Morrie” by Mitch Albom. It is one hundred and ninety two pages and is “The runaway bestseller that changed millions of Live” quoted from the front of the book. So lets see how it will change lives. It captured my attention so I decided to pick it up and read the book.

An old man, a young man,


life’s greatest lesson.

So far I have gotten through one fourth of the book. It is a true story about an old professor named Morrie Schwartz. He is dying of ALS. An old student of his comes back into his life after finding out his beloved old professor is dying.  Then the final lesson begins.

I personally like to read books about true stories. I love to read stories of peoples lives and what they have gone through. Learning from their life lessons. From what I have read Morrie has no secrets, and all he wants to do is teach one last class before he dies. He has no fear of death. He is a fun, loving, intelligent man who loves his family and loves teaching. His favorite thing to do is dance.


For me personally I love to dance and enjoy life. So I was intrigue by this old professor. When you read about Morrie and the love he has for people and teaching is inspiring. He grew close to one of his students, Mitch Albom. At this point in Mitch’s life he had strayed away from his young idealistic persona on life. Mitch had suppressed his dreams and got lost in the trials we all face. A very successful writer who has made a huge name for himself in the sports world. Lets see how it end.












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