Coffee and a Book Part 2

I just started to re-read “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. The book is 203 pages. I had first read the book a little over 10 years ago. I could not remember a lot of the book, but it is all coming back to me after I started reading the fist part of the book. When I had first read the book I was not looking to better a romantic relationship at the time, but my relationship with my mom. I did not know at the time the author had written other books on helping all other kinds of relationships. I remember the book being very helpful in how to really better communicate with others, and to personally reflect.

“With all the help available from experts, why have so few couples found the secret to keeping love alive?” (pg 13)

After re-reading the first part of the book I realized that it was not just one story but many stories. Chapman tells many different stories of couples going through different trials in their marriages. Chapman teaches the reader about how each person expresses love and receives love in different ways.


As you journey through the book each chapter is a new lesson on how you can love a person better and how to communicate better to your spouse on how you like to be loved. You learn about Chapman and how he has helped thousands couples fall back in love with their spouse. Couples at the point of being enemies completely turning a 180 degrees and falling in love again. Chapman has written other books helping parents and children as well.

Besides reading “ The 5 Love Languages” in my english glass I have also been working on rhetorical analysis. If you have never learned how to do that it is quite interesting. I really enjoy being able to read an article and dissect it properly. To be able to better understand what the writer is trying to communicate and to be able to figure out the different rhetorical styles.



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