Book Review 2 “The 5 Love Languages”

fullsizeoutput_abbI have just finished reading “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. The book is 203 pages long, and only has thirteen chapters. It is a quick read, but packed full of information. The cover of the book says “The Secret to Love That Last.” It made me think how does a “Love Language” make the love you and your partner or spouse have last and stay passionate? How is this possible? What changes when you learn what your love language is and you learn your partner’s love language? The “One Fundamental Truth: people speak different love languages” (pg. 14 Chapman). Learning your love language and your partner or spouse’s love language will keep the love ignited in your relationship. You will each be working together to fill your “love tanks” as Chapman puts it.

“The number of ways to express love within a love language

is limited only by your imagination.”

One of the Chapters is called “Love is a Choice.” Out of all the issues that couples deal with the one thing that was consistent is they all fell out of love. What Chapman teaches is that the love you had for each other in the beginning is not the same love years or even months later. The illogical “in love” emotions fall to the way side and all you have left are two imperfect people trying to make a life together. Learning each other’s love language and choosing to love the other person they way they need to be loved is the glue to making a relationship last.

The five different love languages taught are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical tough. Each person has a primary and secondary love language. When your partner or spouse is communicating to you in the way that fills your “love tank” you fill loved and full of it.It was a good read and very informative.

I would recommend this book any one to read it.



One thought on “Book Review 2 “The 5 Love Languages”

  1. I haven’t read the book before, but I’ve looked at the study and it’s really interesting. You can also apply this to friends and family to show how you care for them. There’re a bunch of online tests and quizzes to check how you give and accept love from other people.


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