Coffee and a Good Book Part 3


I am currently reading the 1831 addition of “Frankenstein,” by Mary Shelley. The book is 231 pages in length. I would have never picked this book up to read but I had two positive events that pushed me into reading the book. What changed my mind was that I had read a blog from a former class mate of mine who loved the book, and the book was also recommended to me to read by a friend as well. These two different events happened a couple weeks a part. So I decided I would pick it up and finally read the book. I have currently just read the introduction and letters in the front of the book before the story even starts. Getting to know Mary Shelley a bit and her life. They also added a timeline of Mary Shelley’s life as well. Very interesting and full of cool information. You should pop by your local library or book story and pick it up.

Beware; I am Fearless, and Therefore POWERFUL. -Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

As I went to our college library to pick up “Frankenstein” I noticed that the book the title of the book is on each page in the upper top right page, and on the upper left page it says “or, The Modern Prometheus.” I was curious about that. I do not know much about the Greek gods so I did some googling and found that the correlation had to do with getting the secret of life and giving it away. In “Frankenstein” Dr. Frankenstein steals the meaning of life and gives it to this undead body to give it life. Prometheus steals the fire from Mt. Olympus and give it to the humans for life. I thought that was quite interesting. Mary Shelley’s husband wrote another book after Frankenstein was published called “Prometheus Unbound.” That might be a good one to read after this to get a better in sight to all the stories at hand.

It was fun sharing with you this week. Stay tuned for my blog about the wonderful story of “Frankenstein.”



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