Book Review “Twilight”



I have been reading the “Twilight” Serious by Stephanie Meyer. I finished the first book “Twilight” which is 498 pages, and I could not put the book down. At first I was very apprehensive about starting the serious. I had heard so many people bash the movies. I had also watch the first movie, and thought that the books must not be very good. I was totally wrong. The movies destroyed the beauty of the books. Well, I can only assume that because I have only finished the first book of the serious. The Characters you are introduced to first is one of the main characters Bella Swan. Bella is the one narrating the story. Stephanie Meyer does a great job getting the reading inside Bella’s mind. Edward Cullen is another main Character who is a vampire, and Jacob Black who is Bella’s family friend that gets caught up in all the drama.

“He unleashed the full, devastating power of his eyes on me, as if trying to communicate something crucial.” (Bella)

Stephanie Meyer’s ability to draw you into the different scenes is amazing. Every little detail is enchanting. As you keep reading, and if you watched the movies, you start to realize that there is so much missing from the first movie. Just the simplest detail that helps you better understand a character or setting is poorly depicted by the movie.

The setting of the book starts out in Bella’s home town of Phoenix, Arizona. Her mother remarries to a baseball player and they start traveling. Her mother does not want Bella to be traveling and missing out on school. So Bella goes to live with her father “Charlie” in Forks, Washington. The two different places are polar opposites. Phoenix is hot and dry where Forks is cold, wet, and rainy most of the year. As you are drawn into the story you fallow Bella as she starts school and meets the new people in her new town. She is entrances by Edward Cullen.

As the story goes on you are entangles in different stories that connect. I highly recommend reading the first book in the Twilight serous if you like imagery and drama.



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